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An archive of Articles and Pamphlets by Sadiq Khan


Why the Labour Party are the only party of the centre-ground in Britain today, January 2015, City AM



Walking away from the ECHR would mean closing ourselves off to the world, December 2014, Huffington Post

Lowering the voting age to 16 will re-energise political debate, December 2014, The Evening Standard

Privatising probation puts public safety at risk, December 2014, Left Foot Foward

Too few of London’s success stories are black or Asian, November 2014, The Voice

Waste your vote on the Green Party, or choose a green Labour government, November 2014, The Independent

Letting Londoners Run London Will Be Good for All of Britain, November 2014, Huffington Post

We must tackle the shocking lack of diversity in our judges, November 2014, Labour List

Time for the Government to end this war on books in prisons, November 2014, Labour Arts Alliance

Online voting: time to drag our democracy into the 21st century, November 2014, WebRoots Democracy

My Role in Bridging the Gap Between Britain's Muslims and People of All Other Faiths, November 2014, Huffington Post

Lib Dems are guilty of aiding and abetting the Tories; they deserve a long sentence, October 2014, New Statesman

Parliament has more important priorities than this spiffwaddle, October 2014, Labour List

Human rights protect the poor & voiceless. Cameron's replacement for them is a dangerous sham, September 2014, Independent

How Labour will transform politics – and public services – by devolving more powers to London, September 2014, City AM

The Boris audit: the man who would be king, September 2014, New Statesman

Victims of Crime Need Real Action Not Lip Service, September 2014, Huffington Post

Who's NHS? Our NHS! September 2014, Labour List

Stop throwing cold water on the Ice Bucket Challenge, August 2014, The Staggers

Why Ministers in denial about prisons crisis should worry us all, August 2014, No Offence

We need more mentors to save our young men, August 2014, TES

We must trust Londoners to run the capital, August, 2014, The Evening Standard

Who do you believe on prisons? It’s not a hard choice, August 2014, Labour List

This government’s disastrous prisons policy is putting the public at risk, August 2014, The Spectator

We must not remain silent on Gaza, August 2014, South London press

Britain's commitment to human rights is in severe peril, July 2014, The Guardian 

Ahead of the Second Reading of the Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Bill in the Commons, Shadow Justice Secretary Sadiq Khan criticises the Government for bringing forward a 'vacuous piece of legislation', July 2014, Politics Home

Labour will look at extending youth justice system to age 21, July 2014, New Statesman

Inequality is biggest threat, June 2014, South London Press

How Labour triumphed in London, June 2014, New Statesman

Our democracy would benefit from the power of recall - so long as it's done right, June 2014, The Independent

Labour will shift power back to British courts, June 2014, The Telegraph

Chris Grayling's probation privatisation is a reckless gamble with public safety, June 2014, The Guardian

There must be real change for Labour to win in 2015, May 2014, The Mirror

Judges: ditching the stereotype, May 2014, The Law Gazette

Sadiq Khan: Boris Johnson can’t do the job he’s got, let alone another, May 2014, The Evening Standard

I'm suffering from marathon addiction, April 2014, The Guardian

The London Marathon shows London is a 'Tale of Two Cities', April 2014, New Statesman

Catch me if you Khan, April 2014, South London Press

The London Marathon shows the best of politics, April 2014, Labour List

Marathon Day is one of the highlights of my year, March 2014, The Big Isssue

Grayling has shown his true colours with prison book ban, March 2014, Politics Home

Why I'm running the London Marathon, March 2014, The Guardian

Only a radical government can end the Great British Rip-Off, March 2014, The New Statesman

It's hard to trust the Tories on race, March 2014, The New Statesman

The legal aid cuts are about ideology, not money, March 2014, The Justice Gap

We still have a long way to go to ensure Parliament is open to people from all backgrounds, March 2014, The Independent

Mohammad Asghar case: To a Muslim of Pakistani heritage, this is a disgrace, February 2014, The Independent

Putting power into local hands to help small businesses, February 2014, FSB Magazine

Why the housing crisis is clobbering London businesses, February 2014, CITY.A.M. 

Giving the vote to 16 and 17-year-olds is radical, but it’s also right,  February 2014, The Independent

Young people should have the same housing options I had, February 2014, South London Press

London's Tory Housing Crisis, February 2014, Labour List

London's future in Fabiana, January 2014

Give councils more power to stop the growth of betting shops, The Guardian, January 2014

How the Met can rebuild trust, Politics Home, January 2014



Our London: The Capital Beyond 2015, Huffington post, December 2013

Our London: Sadiq Khan MP launches new book of ideas for our city, Changing London, December 2013

London is becoming a tale of two cities, The Evening Standard, December 2013

Shadow Justice Secretary Sadiq Khan celebrates International Human Rights Day by reminding us how human rights have transformed the country Politics Home, December 2013

24 hour tube travel is great news – but Boris is using it as a smokescreen to cut jobs, Labour List, November 2013

Another evidence-free plan from the architect of the Work Programme, Labour List, November 2013

Muslims fought and dies for this country...don't paint us all with militants' brush, The Sun, November 2013

Grayling's reckless probation privatisation is a threat to public safety, New Statesman, October 2013

My Black History Tribute To 'Living Legend' Doreen Lawrence, The Voice, October 2013

Sadiq Khan outlines Labour plans to extend freedom of information legislation to cover private companies who provide public services, Politics Home, October 2013

Under Boris Johnson and the Tories, London is becoming a divided city, New Statesman, October 2013

Extradite - Out of Mind, Huffington Post, October 2013

London can do better than this, Labour List, October 2013

Six questions for Chris Grayling on human rights, New Statesman, October 2013

Britain's innocent victims deserve better than an out-of-touch Secretary of State for Justice, Huffington Post, October 2013

A once in a generation opportunity for London, Labour List, September 2013

The government have been forced into a humiliating climb down on legal aid, Labour List, September 2013

In Strasbourg, I was reminded of the essential Britishness of human rights, New Statesman, September 2013

The Great Tory Train Robbery, Labour List, August 2013

Sexism in the Capital City, Fabiana Summer Pamphlet, August, 2013

Minority voters will be key to the 2015 election, The Guardian, August 2013

Prove our pub is not dead, South London Press, August 2013

Let London levy a tourism tax to benefit us all, The Evening Standard, August 2013

The true face of the Tories The Guardian, August 2013

My friend, Baroness Doreen Lawrence Labour List, July 2013

London is still waiting for a legacy to match the games The Big Issue, July 2013

Sadiq Khan: How Labour is opening up your choice of Mayor The Evening Standard, July 2013

The al-Rahma centre fire: Britain won't let hatred win The Guardian, June 2013

Why Charles Moore is wrong about British Muslims The Telegraph, June 2013

PCT plans risk creating a system of state-sponsored miscarriages of justice The Law Society Gazette, May 2013

Views of an International Election Observer in historic elections, Muslim News, May 2013

Pakistan: a country with an increasingly bright and democratic future? The News Statesman, May 2013

Let's not let the killers speak for Islam, Eastern Eye, May 2013

Legal aid cuts will lead to state-sponsored miscarriages of justice The Guardian, May 2013

Article for Society of Labour Lawyers

London unites ... acts of terror will never divide our city The Evening Standard, May 2013

Reckless gamble to push ahead with full PBR roll-out Probation Association Magazine, April 2013

Choking off judicial review weakens the rights of all our citizens to   

hold governments to account Labour List, April 2013

The Commons is right to halt this partisan tinkering with our constitution  Labour List, January 2013

Focus on the Creative Industries Series: Sadiq Khan MP on the     

importance of the arts to London Young Fabians Blog, April 2013

Criminal Justice Reform: A Revolution on the American Right IPPR, April 2013

Igniting the desire to learn - Universities @21 Million Plus, March 2013

The Commons is right to halt this partisan tinkering with our constitution Labour List, January, 2013

Why 16 and 17 year olds should get the vote Politics Home, January 2013




Ten myths about the Human Rights Act Labour List, December 2012

Human Rights and the media  Politics Home, December 2012

Victims deserve better  Progress Online, November 2012

Shadow Justice Secretary calls for end to child rights abuses in Israel   Labour Friends of Palestine, October 2012

Politics is a place for ideas to grow, Fabian Society, October 2012

Don't through Londoners on the scrapheap The Evening Standard, September 2012

Government reshuffle - a lack of diversity Eastern Eye, September 2012

Persecution of Rohingya Muslims  Muslim News, August 2012

How do we get young people back to work? Labour List, August, 2012

Labour must lead the way in restoring politics after its abuse by elites  New Statesman, August 2012

Burmese Muslims face humanitarian catastrophe    Politics Home, August, 2012

 The day after - House of Lords reform next steps     Labour List, July 2012

A London wide lettings agency, Fabian Society, July 2012

The greatest show on earth  Labour List, July 2012

Mental illness in prison is a crime     The Daily Express, July 2012

Democracy with a Difference       House Magazine, June 2012

Read all about it: literacy is the key to rehabilitation    Inside Magazine, June 2012

After a four year vacancy I think it’s time we had a Mayor of    

London again – don’t you?    Labour List, May 2012

Lords reform won’t work until we all have a say    The Sunday Times, April 2012

Democracy and Fairness: House of Lords Reform   Politics Home, April 2012

What being British means to Sadiq Khan  Total Politics, March 2012

We must reclaim our human rights legislation    LLB Online, March 2012

Good justice policy pays for itself   Progress Online, February 2012

Human Rights are one of our finest post war exports     Politics Home, January 2012

A new window on to Muslim London's journey   The Evening Standard, January, 2012

Londoners believe in Ken    Labour List, January 2012

The dangers of a leaky roof...   Labour List, January 2012

Enlightenment through play   New Statesman, January 2012

Stephen Lawrence verdict: MP Sadiq Khan praises resilient family  The Mirror, January 2012

Some justice at last   Politics Home, January 2012




Punishment and Reform: How our justice system can help cut crime   Fabian Society Report, December 2011 (Edited by Sadiq Khan) (winner of the 2011 Jenny Jeger prize for best Fabian Society Publication). 

Unforgettable visit to Palestine   Muslim News, December 2011

Ken Clarke's legal aid plans will not protect those most in need   The Guardian, December 2011

Foreign prisoners: a personal intervention from the PM was promised,      

but the numbers tell a different story   Politics Home, December 2011

Taking a risk with youth crime     Labour List, November 2011

Labour peers are preparing to mount a last stand against legal aid cuts   The Law Society Gazette, November 2011

The Council of Europe: this is Britain’s human rights opportunity   The Telegraph, November 2011

The rollercoaster ride of justice policy takes a turn for the worst    Politics Home, November 2011

Legal aid must be reformed  Total Politics, October 2011

The left's favourite Tories: David Maxwell Fyfe    New Statesman, October 2011

Yes we Ken    Labour List, October 2011

Ken Clarke Needs to Wake up to the Looming Crisis in our Prison System Huffington Post, October 2011

New crime figures should send shock waves through the Government  Politics Home, October 2011

Nick Clegg's surefire voter loser  The Guardian, October 2011

Funding Legal Aid  Government Gazette, September 2011

An injustice Too Far: Why Labour opposes the government’s Legal Aid cuts that hit women hardest  Fabiana, Issue #1 , Autumn 2011

One London     Your Ken, September 2011

Riots are not a genuine outlet of political angst   The Evening Standard, August 2011

A chance to do the right thing   Labour Uncut, June 2011

The fight for legal aid Legal Action Group, June 2011 

Building a good society - Labour's role    Labour List, March 2011

Doing real justice to British criminals and the public    The Guardian, March 2011

Don't let Europhobia undermine human rights        The Evening Standard, February 2011

The proposed legal aid cuts are both irresponsible and inequitable  The Law Society Gazette, February 2011

The Distortion of democracy     House Magazine, January 2011

Pakistan: The voices of reason must not be silenced by fear    The Independent, January 2011




Flexibility of labour markets in the UK    Labour Uncut, July 2010




Gaza: No Excuses    The Guardian, January 2009




Fairness, not favours, for Muslims    The Guardian, September 2008

Fairness Not Favours: Reconnecting with British Muslims  The Fabian Society, September 2008

(winner of the 2008 Jenny Jeger prize for best Fabian Society Publication).

Sierra Leone: A lot more to do    The Guardian, April 2008

The minorities' champion   The Guardian, April 2008




This is worse than Iraq     The Guardian, July 2006




7/7 terror attacks: This problem must be faced by us all    The Guardian, July 2005

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